The water will get stored all over your body and mainly places you don’t want it like your belly. Sprinkle with granulated sugar. After the 10-day procedure, avoid indulging yourself to full and hefty meals. The only missing ingredient is a cool glass of pinot grigio. The reason why the lemonade detox diet is so famous and provides better result than other detox diets is because it uses lemon as the main detox agent. Collected the finest group of individuals capable of error-free work,. In Indiana implied warranties do not apply to private sellers, as sellers in the classifieds. O Your entire body will be cleansed with the lemon maple syrup cayenne diet and detoxified as the pounds of waste that has built up over time is flushed from your body in just 10 days. We like to intermittently mist the tree because our home is dry in winter. Lemon is good for sore throat and phlegm. Lemon is highly effective in treating high blood pressure conditions. Mixing the juice of a fresh lemon with water easily relieves heartburn. In a separate pan, heat up the olive oil. The bezel is set with 48 yellow baguette sapphires and has 6 patented H-shaped countersunk. * Add another 3 ounces of filtered water and stir well.