Scott's Cakes Lemon Shortbread Cookies in a Square Plaid Box FeatureBaked Fresh and Shipped the same day. Our Shortbread Cookies are made with real butter, and contain NO eggs. There are approx. 28-30 per pound. Choose from many different box styles for any occasion. Boxed tight securely for safe shipping. You can enclose a gift message. Our Lemon Shortbread Cookies are made with Real Butter and Vanilla. They are fresh baked and flavored with Lemon. Our Shortbread Cookies a delightful complement to tea or coffee, and simular in texture to shortbread. Also you can choose your own box style and include a gift message for that special gift. Have I mentioned how HOT it is in Texas?  So hot that I've been having an ice cream sandwich or popsicle every day. Probably not the best diet to have.